Sunday, November 16, 2014

East Tenn. Trials Club Event Nov. 23rd

The newly formed East Tenn. Trials club is putting on their first event with the support of the Chattanooga Trials Club. Good time to come out and participate or watch some amateur trials riding.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Knoxville Premier of "On Any Sunday - Next Chapter"

Anyone who has seen the classic "On Any Sunday" knows what a great movie that was. It is regarded as probably the best movie ever made that captures the essence of what riding a motorcycle is all about, and it did it without being cheesy or sappy. Next Sunday "On Any Sunday - The Next Chapter" premiers at Regal Cinemas at Knoxville Center Mall. I'm assuming its a modern day day update of the original. It can't beat the original as far as I'm concerned, but it could still be very good. Hope to see you there!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Knoxville Museum of Art - Vintage Motorcycle Display and Parade

Sunday, September 14th, through September 20th,the Knoxville Museum of Art will have a display of Vintage Motorcycles as art. Similar to what the Guggenheim Museum in New York had a few years ago, but not nearly to the same scale, the exhibit will recognize motorcycles not as vehicles, but as sculptural art . A cool fact is that all of the bikes on display are owned by local East Tennesseans, and many owners are part of the local Time Warp Vintage Motorcycle Club. This is being held in conjunction with a week long Art Fair that involves many other art forms. 

On Saturday, September 20th there will be a ride in Vintage Motorcycle Show in front of the museum. A  Vintage Motorcycle parade will ride to the Museum between 1:00 and 1:30, where they will set up in the parking lot. There will be numerous motorcycles in the parade that could just as easily been in the display, so if you like looking at classic bikes of all makes, be at the Museum on the Saturday the 20th around 1:30.  Awards for each class will be given at 3:45, after which the group will ride out. The public will also also be able to vote for a Best of Show award.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Conard Shultz Recognition Day and Bike Show at Biker Rags 9-21-14

If you live in East Tennessee, and mess around with old British bikes the chances are you have heard of Conard Shultz. Conard has been recognized as the go to source for information and parts for British bikes for 60 years. I am pretty sure that I never would have gotten my old Triumph running again if it wasn't for Conard and Glen, his longtime mechanic.
Jeff and Pam at Biker Rags are holding a special day and bike show just to let Conard know how much he is appreciated. Free Bike Show, Free Food. It should be a great day!
The Vintage Bike show will feature many bikes that Conard had a hand in restoring. Sunday, Sept 21st.12:00 start.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Tennessee Knock Out Extreme Enduro Aug 16/17

 This coming weekend is the TKO Extreme Enduro at the Trials Training Center in Sequatchie Tennessee (just West of Chattanooga). The Trials Training center is one of the coolest venues to watch an event for several reasons. #1, you watch from any location you care to hike to, and #2 it could literally be a state park, it's that beautiful. Of course you are going for the racing, which is unlike anything else you will see off road. These guys go through, over, and down stuff you would have a hard time hiking over. Its the Tennessee Version of the Erzburg Enduro.
The Knockout format is unique as it constantly whittles down the field until only the fastest and toughest compete in the final money round. Amateurs race twice on Saturday, The first race is 2 laps over a 13 mile course with a 2 hour time limit. The fastest 75 advance. The second race is one lap over the 13 mile course with the fastest 40 advancing to the pro rounds on Sunday.. We actually have several riders from the Knoxville area giving it a shot. For all the specific details check out their website If you can make it, I highly recommend it.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Kali Dirt Bike Helmet - Product Review

It's been a while since I've done a product review. Probably because its been so long since I've bought anything new, and anything that was worth talking about. I tend to wear my dirt bike helmets well past the point when they should be retired, and I finally got around to getting a new one. (By the way, I have a 15 year old MSR for sale. Only used on weekends)
What I found, and am tickled to death with, is the Kali Prana FRP. If you haven't heard of Kali, don't worry. I hadn't either until I saw them at Sportcycle KTM in Maryville, TN.
My requirements for a new lid were: Safety, Great Fit, Comfortable while wearing glasses, light weight, removable liner, Non-stupid graphics, and a reasonable price. The Kali nails all of these.
Kali uses a new technology / design for their helmets called Composite Fusion Plus. In a nutshell, what they do is make a helmet with two densities of foam that reduce the impact to your noggin. You can go to their website to get all the details ( ). Their brain buckets are ECE and DOT rated, but not Snell. The lack of a Snell rating is no doubt because of their design which absorbs more impact. Not a bad thing. Also not a bad thing is the weight, only 1250 grams, or about 44 ounces.

I took these pictures after my first ride with the helmet, so if you see any scratches they are ones I put on myself. On this last ride we rode through some underbrush that could have stood a good chainsaw, but hey, that's what we do sometimes. The Fit and finish of the new helmet was super nice.

Also super nice is what all the Helmet comes with. It has a soft cover bag (not shown), and a vary nice carry bag (shown). In addition, the helmet comes with an extra set of thicker cheek pads to tighten up the fit if you prefer, and a set of Camera mounting hardware. The very middle piece of the visor is removable, and you can insert the optional piece to which different camera mounting brackets attach. Pretty sweet if you're a Go-Pro guy.

This helmet is available at Sportcycle KTM in Maryville (865-681-7895) for less than $200. Of course other colors are available. Kali makes Street bike helmets also.

Monday, June 23, 2014

AMA Outdoor National Moto Cross this weekend at Muddy Creek

This Saturday is the return of the AMA Outdoor National Motocross at Muddy Creek Moto Cross in Blountville TN, just outside of Bristol. Last years was the first AMA Outdoor National in the south in years, and the turnout was incredible. If you go back through previous post on Cycleblend you'll see some pics form last year. I was able to attend last year, so let me give you a few pointers. #1 Go Early. The roads getting in to the track are all 2 lane, and they back up. Get there as early as you can. #2 Bring a camera. The outdoor races give you lots of opportunity to get close to the action. It's GREAT! #3 Have drinks and food waiting for you at the car, and unless you leave early, just chill by the car and let traffic thin out when the racing is over.
 Admission for Saturday only (that's when the big boys race) is $40. If you want to stay and watch the amateurs race on Sunday too that would be a $55 ticket. If you are coming form Knoxville on I-81 you will look for exit 63. Coming from Bristol you want exit 69. For more info check out