Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Time Warp Tea Room, Tennessee’s coolest motorcycle cafe!

Let me go ahead and introduce you to the Time Warp Tea Room, because you’ll be hearing me reference it a lot. The reason you’ll be hearing about it is because, #1, I hang out there all the time, and #2 it is the place to be if you like all kinds of motorcycles.

As you can guess with a name like Time Warp it has a heavy vintage clientele, (both bikes and riders), but you’ll find all kinds of bikes down there on a Tuesday night (a great blend, you could say). It’s the only place I’ve ever been where I’ve seen a Hyabusa parked next to a Vespa parked next to a BSA. The menu is simple: sandwiches, hot dogs, soups and chili, and the coffee selection is great. After all, it is suppose to be a coffee shop.  Warning… they sell some “High Octane” espresso. Drink responsibly.

One of the best traits of the Time Warp is that it is non-alcoholic. Now I appreciate a cold beer as well as the next guy (probably more), but since there is no alcohol, the people who come to the Time Warp come because of the bikes.  No posers here.

The proprietors of this fine establishment are Dan and Peggy Moriarty. For many years before opening the Time Warp, Dan collected really cool old furnishings from buildings in Knoxville that were being demolished. From the Bar Back to the wooden booths, everything in the place has a story.  Dan has also “accessorized” the place with old motorcycles and parts.

Check it out sometime. Park your bike on the sidewalk out front, and take a look around. It’s a great place for lunch too. Tuesday nights are the big bike nights, but there is almost always something going on.  Also, they have some really great live music, but that’s for someone else’s blog.

Time Warp Tea Room. 1209 North Central St. Knoxville TN 37917.  865-524-1155

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  1. I love the Time Warp Tea Room. Best music therapy there is!