Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sport Touring Time Warp Travelers

There was a really good crowd at the Time Warp Tea Room last Tuesday, but the only folks from the MSTA Rally that made it down were Tammy and Dan Galliher of Bethalto, Illinois. Not only did they brave the iffy weather and ride down just to take it the Tuesday night crowd at the Time Warp, but they also rode here from Illinois, 550+ miles. Tammy on a nicely custom fitted Bandit 1250, and Dan on a Concours 14.

Friday, June 24, 2011

MSTA STAR Rally in Johnson City this Weekend

The Motorcycle Sport Touring Association (MSTA) is having their Big Annual event, the "STAR 2011 National Rally" in Johnson City Tennessee this weekend. Headquarters is the Johnson City Holiday Inn, and from what I hear is expected to have around 500 Sort Touring and Dual Sport riders from across the country. There will be vendors, nightly seminars, a Wednesday nigh banquet, plus  GPS downloadable routes for self touring rides.
MSTA is also Raffling away a winner's choice of a new Triumph 800 or 800XC ( $5 tickets MSTA members only). Second place is Aerostitch riding suit. (The best raffle I've ever heard of!)Tuesday a group will ride to Breaks Interstate Park, then to Time Warp Tea Room in Knoxville to visit Time Warp Vintage Motorcycle Club
Rally registration ($40) opens Saturday morning, and includes banquet meal and one year membership into MSTA. You can come and join at the Rally, but the Holiday Inn is already full. For more info go to for details.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

AMA National Trials Event this weekend at the Trials Training Center

Rounds 5, 6, and 7 of the AMA/NATC National Trials Championship are being help this weekend at the Trials Training Center in Sequatchie Tn (West of Chattanooga, near Dunlap). There is a separate event help each day Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, so any day you go, you get to see the actual competition. If you have never seen the top level trials guys in person you are in for a treat. One cool thing about trials events is that you get to stand right next to the action.
The first bikes take to the course at 8:30 each day, with a pro-shootout at 4:00pm. For more details go to

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Vol Rider Fun Ride - Huge Fun - Big Weather

The Fun Ride hosted by the Volunteer Riders turned out to be a huge success, without a doubt it was the best attended non-race events the club has had in several years. We didn't get a final count, but we know that we had over 40 riders. People heard about the event by word of mouth, the Vol Rider website (, East Tenn Riders forum, Adv Riders Forum, Craigs list, and of course
After a brief riders meeting where we covered some basic rules of the ride, and stressed that it was for fun, and that no one would be left in the woods, we divided into an "Experienced Group" and a "Lesser Experienced" group. The first group later split again to speed things along.

Things were going great, and everyone seemed to be having a good time by all accounts, and then the lights went out. Seriously, it got so dark that you could see your shadow in the headlights of the bike behind you! Never a good sign.
The picture above (Jake)  was taken around 12:00 NOON! Not midnight.  I'm talking sideways rain, lightning so close it had me wondering how many dirt bike riders get struck each year, and trails literally turning into creeks where the water was running down them so hard. But you know what, everyone seemed to be enjoying the adventure. What else is there to do? You're 10 miles from the truck, nobody's coming to get you. So you just ride! And Ride we did! As everyone began gathering back at the parking area there was no cussing and grumbling, mostly laughter and jokes about how wet can you possibly get. I think that the first two groups got in about 25 miles, and the 3rd group about 15. So everyone got in some riding. I can tell you that 5 miles in a downpour feels like 10 in the dry. Those hard packed dirt trails turn to grease with a little H2O.

Other than one bike breaking down about a mile form the truck the event went without a hitch. The Volunteer Riders Club is already planning on doing a similar event again. Hopefully without the epic weather. We'll post it on Cycleblend when it happens. If you would like to join the Volunteer Riders their meetings are the third Thursday of each month.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Trail Ride with the Volunteer Riders - June 18th

On June 18th the Volunteer Riders Dirt Bike Club of Knoxville is inviting anyone to come ride with them for a fun trail ride at Royal Blue. It's not a race, just a time to get together, ride some easy ATV trails and Jeep Roads, and get to know some more people who ride. The Start time is 9:30 at the main parking area at Royal Blue. See the attached flier for the details. It may be a little warm, but it should be a good time.

What’s happening? The Volunteer Riders are hosting an Off-Road MOTORCYCLE ride at Royal Blue on Saturday June18th. It’s open to everyone, every age. Dual sport bikes are welcome, but be able to handle a little mud.

The plan is to start off riding some of the easier ATV trails and jeep roads, make a short loop and then divide into groups based on ability and desire to ride more. This is a social event. Not a race or competition. The plan is to meet new people who ride and have some fun!

Where? We are going to park at the main parking Area at Royal Blue / North Cumberland Sundquist Riding Area. Follow the  directions below.  You’ll see the Vol Rider Signs.

What Time? We hit the trails 9:30 Be there earlier to have time to unload

Can I bring my kids? Absolutely!!  (If they can ride) This isn’t the place to get on a bike for the first time. Just be prepared to ride with them.

What do I need to bring? Proper gear, a bike in good condition, water for the trail, and food if you want it. The Volunteer Riders will provide some drinks.

You will need a Royal Blue/North Cumberland WMA Daily Permit (Type 036 $12.50). Can be purchased at any place that sells Hunting and Fishing licenses. (Walmart) There are also few options if you want an annual permit. You can get an Annual Resident OHV Permit (Type 035) for  $61, OR you can ride all year if you have a type 01 hunting/fishing license ($28) and a $17 Type 093 WMA small game permit (for a total of $45).

Directions  I-75 North / Take the Huntsville / Oneida exit (141) and turn right, and immediately right again. Follow the road that parallels the interstate until it forks. Bear to your left on the gravel road, go a couple of miles on gravel and you will see the 2nd parking area on your left. Look for the Vol Rider signs.

Please RSVP to if you plan on coming or have any questions. This will help us plan a little better.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

BMW Riders of Knoxville (BMWROK)

One of the oldest Motorcycle Clubs in Knoxville is the BMW Riders of Knoxville (BMWROK). When I first started riding about 25 years ago one of the first guys I met was a BMW Rider, and I ended up riding with a lot of BMW guys even though I wasn't on a Beemer at the time. At that time they were the only riders I knew who would ride 200 /300 miles each weekend. At their monthly meeting that I attended in May,  I actually saw some of the same people I rode with way back when.

This club is all about riding, and during their meeting they went over a long list of planned club rides, plus individuals were inviting other members to join them on other rides. The meeting was friendly, informal, and comfortable. There was just enough sense of order to keep things flowing, and enough humor to keep it interesting.  Everybody ate, socialized, then they had about a 1 hour meeting, after which most people moved to the parking lot to check out a new 6 cylinder K1600 GTL that someone rode in.

The big event for the club is their12th Annual BMW ROK "ROK ON" Rally  (Sept 8-12th) This rally regularly draws BMW Riders from around the country, and this year it will once again be held at the Two Creeks Campground in Del Rio. (see previous post for pictures of the campground)

The club meets the First Monday of every month, and their regular meeting place is Puleo's Restaurant at the I-40 / Strawberry Plains exit. The club does vary the meeting location at times, so you should check their website just to be sure.