Thursday, December 30, 2010

First Event of the New Year - Ride to Roan Mountain

The first event of the year (at least the first I know of) is coming up January 2nd. The "Ride to the Roan" has been happening the first Sunday in January for 74 years! Hosted by Jim's Motorcycle Sales in Johnson City, the ride leaves out of the shop at 1:00, and everyone proceeds to the top of Roan Mountain (or at least as close as they can get) at their own pace. They have this deal where you guess at the amount of time it will take you to get to the checkpoint, and prizes are given out to the top 5.  On the way back everyone stops back by the shop for Pizza, courtesy of Jim's Motorcycles. I've never been able to make this ride before, but people who have say its a real fun time. If you do make it, send us a picture of you and your bike at the top of the mountain and we'll post it!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Gift Idea #3 - Electric Riding Gear

It's December 18th. I know you're sweating it now (because I am!) Here is a GREAT idea for those who ride year round. Electric Riding GearIf they've never ridden in heated gear before they will love it.  Most people don't realize this, but if you keep your core temperature up, you body is able to pump more blood to your finger tips and tootsies and keep them warmer.  
This is a picture of the Warm and Safe heated jacket liner from FirstGear. They're available in a range of men's and women's sizes and also in 90-watt and 65-watt varieties. They have stretch panels for a better fit, heated collars, ports for heated gloves and industry-standard coaxial connectors.
You can find these, and other heated stuff, IN-STOCK at Dual Sport Touring in Friendsville. You can go to their link from the Cycleblend website, or call Megan direct at 865-995-9505. By the way, they are open 10:00am to 6:00pm Tues through Saturday. Be sure to tell them you heard about them from Cycleblend.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Gift Idea #2 - Motorcycle Consumer News

10 Days till Christmas!  Have you got anything yet? O.K. Here is another idea. A subscription to Motorcycle Consumer News.  Now I know what you're thinking, "He's / She's got all kinds of motorcycle magazines."  Ahhh,,,, not so fast Grasshopper. This one is different.
#1, you can't get it on the newstands. #2, It has no advertising. It is entirely 100% reader supported. What that means is you get 100% un-biased reporting on bikes and products,since they don't have to worry about ticking off Harleykawasukionda and losing their advertising $. Also, twice a year it gives you a used bike price guide, and a performance guide. They cover cruisers, sportbikes, and everything street oriented. Good Stuff.
Another great point is that it cost more than any other magazine....uhhh wait.. that's not a plus is it. But it is better than just about every other mag out there. I guess there is a price for honesty. Hey, somebody has to make up for the lack of shiny advertising. You can get 1 year for $34. Go to

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Gift Idea #1 - Vincent in the Barn

OK folks, it's less than three weeks till Christmas and you're still digging for a gift for that rider that has everything. If that rider you feel is worth a gift can read, and happens to be one of those of people who is always looking for a lost treasure, or if they just like to read about people who find it, I'll bet you they will like this book.
The Vincent in the Barn is a collection of short stories about men who have stumbled across, tracked down, or were just simply told of classic motorcycles that had been stored away and forgotten for years. Stories of how guys have found classic old bikes that were lost in barns, basements, and woodsheds around the country. Plus it has lots of cool pictures.
You'll never drive past an old barn again without wondering whats inside. 
You can even order it from the Amazon link on this website.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Off Road Poker Run - December 12th at Loretta Lynns Ranch

This is a great event that has been successful for many years. The trail begins and ends in the full service campground, so you can ride a loop, make a stop, and then go again when you're ready. Its a trail ride, not a race. Located near Waverly Tn.

Southern Woods Rider is proud to preset the 7th Annual Holiday Poker Run at Loretta Lynn’s Ranch on Sunday December 12, 2010. All 4-wheel ATV and Dirt Bike riders
Bring a New Toy Donation and Save Five Bucks on the Entry Fee!
Ride Fee $30.00
Ride Fee with New Toy $25.00

All Toys go to Davidson County Metro Police Christmas Charities
Best Hand $100
Second Best Hand Moto Gift worth $75.00
Third Best Hand Moto Gift worth $50.00
Registration - 7:00 am to 9:00 am MANDATORY Riders Meeting - 9:00 am Poker Run Ends at 2:30 pm Winners Announced at 3:00 pm
 The Trail:
The trail will be clearly marked and you can ride it at your own pace as much as you like during the open trail hours. The trail’s difficulty level will be moderate.

For more detailed information and ride rules please visit