Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Small Bikes Rule!

The Time Warp Vintage club had a small bike ride this past Sunday that left out of, and ended back at Biker Rags on Kingston Pike.  Nearly everyone's first ride came on some type of small bike, and riding them again proves that the amount of fun you have riding isn't dependent on the cc of the machine. 

This gang of displacement deficient machines included everything from worn out mopeds, to scooters, to really slick mini restorations.  I'm not sure who originally had the idea for this ride, the club has done a couple of them, but the concept is great!

25 guys on < 200cc bikes started this 50 mile loop through West Knoxville and Loudon County, and only 1 came back in the chase truck. No word on what the average speed was, but I didn't hear of anyone getting pulled over. Judging from the laughter of the riders in the parking lot, this won't be the last small bike ride. I hope to make the next one!

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