Sunday, June 27, 2010

Brasstown Bald - One of the 3 High Rides

Brasstown Bald (The Highest Point in Georgia) may have the lowest elevation (4,784') of the 3-High Rides, but it is just as spectacular. Granted, you do have a take a $3 van shuttle up the final climb to the top, (unless you want to hoof it up the 1/2 mile trail), but the 360 degree / 4 state view and the mini museum are well worth the effort. They also request a $3 parking fee donation.  I've spent $6 bucks before and gotten a lot less! There is also small souvenir store at the bottom parking lot.
The original tower was built in the 1960s to serve as a fire watch tower, but now serves as a watch tower, museum, and tourist destination.The Volunteer Rangers who staff the museum are super nice and eager to answer any questions. Debbi Pratt, (seen here posing with K.J.)  is one of the Rangers we met. She said that her and her husband are volunteers, and that her mother and father were the original volunteers at the tower. Pretty Cool!

Take the time to read some of the history of this area while you're at the top. When you look at the old pictures of the area, and see how it was once decimated by logging, you will be amazed. 

In 1832 much of the land you can see from  this tower was given out in the "Great Land Lottery". 18,309 people won 160 acre tracts, and 35,000 people won 40 acre tracts of what was formerly Indian land... The only problem was the Indians were still on it! 

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