Saturday, July 17, 2010

Cool Bike! 1993 Honda NSR 250 SP

If you like purpose built road-racers, 2-Strokes, or very rare machines, you have got to like this bike. Charles brought this little jewel fresh from e-bay to the Time Warp Tea Room bike night. This bike is a 250cc, water cooled, twin cyclinder, 2-stroke that makes between 60-65 HP, while weighing only 280lbs! The engine is essentially 1/2 of Honda's 1993 500cc GP bike.
It was built for the Japanese domestic market, and was not sold outside of Japan. To make it even more rare, only 900 were produced. Who knows how it ended up in Monroe, Georgia, or what the previous owner was smoking when he decided to sell it. This would be a prize in anyone's collection.

Charles currently races WERA vintage, and said that it's not beyond the realm of possibility that this bike may see a track day at some point. After all, this bike was made for the track, not hanging out at Hooter's, and you would really have to get it on the track to fully appreciate it. If he decides he would like to hire a test rider, he had has plenty of volunteers (including myself). Everyone with any track experience was drooling over this bike when he brought it down. Hey, it's essentially a 250cc GP bike with signal lights, mirrors, and a speedometer! Congratulations on your new scoot Charles. Definitely a Cool Bike!

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