Friday, July 30, 2010

"Three High Rides" Logo

 We finally got the "Three High Rides" logo completed! This will be the logo that will be on the T-Shirts and pins that are available to people who ride to these points, and send us info about their ride. Send us pictures of you and your buddies at each location, your name(s), the type of  bike(s) you rode, and any info you would like to share on interesting places you found, or good places to eat. Look at your map, and plan your route carefully. All of the roads that lead to these locations are great, but depending on where you are starting from, you'll probably need at least  two days, or multiple trips, to make all three. We took two days, and tied them all into a big loop back to Knoxville.
The back of the shirt will have this design which names the Three Highest Peaks and their elevations.  Hope you like it! Not everyone will have one. You actually have to do something to get these shirts. So get your riding buddies together and be planning your trip. Make sure you take pictures in front of a sign or landmark at each location when you get there. We'll soon be updating the website with a special "Three High Rides" Section to showcase those who do it.

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