Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The 555 guys ride again

For those of you who like a good story, a story that will make you laugh, stand dazed with wonder, or simply doubt the limits of human stupidity and adventure, you need to check out the current adventure of the 555 guys.
 Here is a brief rundown. A few years ago this group of guys from Knoxville decided to set off to Oregon on bikes that had a total investment of less than $500, were less than 500cc's, and were 1975 or older. Hence the name, 555.

They made it, (and got an article in Cycle World about their adventures). Well, the guys they met up with in Oregon duplicated the trip the next year. Now my details may be fuzzy at this point, but the way I understand it, the Knoxville 555 took some ribbing from the West Coast boys about how they got here sooner. So, the plan was laid to beat their time, by driving non-stop in homemade side car rigs! One guy rides, one sleeps. To quote my favorite old Guiness beer commercial, Brilliant!!, (or maybe stupid, you be the judge).

The best part is you can follow the 555 guys on their blog http://thefivefivefive.blogspot.com . It's a great blog, with some hilarious video and photos.The last time I checked they had already blown and rebuilt one engine, and were now flying through Oklahoma! They have to get across the Rocky's before the snows hit.

By the way, their rigs were officially unveiled at the Happy Holllerpalooza Vintage show, and one won the rat bike class. Let's hope that Cycleblend Trophy brings them some luck!

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