Saturday, February 5, 2011

REAL Adventure Riders from Knoxville -

The term 'Adventure Rider" is pretty common these days, but there are two real adventure riders from Knoxville who are, as you read this, somewhere in Central America with no GPS, no $1,000 riding suits, no trip itinerary, and to top it off are riding early 70"s XL Honda's (a 250 and and 350).
Mike and Tank left Knoxville on January 14th heading for somewhere in South America. I wasn't able to meet up with Mike before they left, so I don't know what the exact plan is, or even if there is an exact plan. (If you guys see this, send me some details!) These guys are part of the now famous 555 Club, who rode across the country on old Hondas a while back, so they are not new to adventure, or pushing their luck. Honestly, I have no desire to make the kind of trip they are making.  I can only admire that they are intrepid enough to go into Mexico, Guatemala, and wherever else south of the border they are going next, armed with nothing more than a good tool kit and an adventuresome spirit.

 I have no idea how they are able to update their blog, or how often, but if you can appreciate some real reality travels, you need to check their blog out. The address is They have posted some incredible pictures, and even some on bike videos. (The pics you see here are from their blog) Be sure to go back to the "older post" so you can track their adventure from the beginning. When I think about what these guys are doing it makes any ride I have ever done seem like child's play. I can say that in all my years of riding I have never had to sleep in an abandoned hotel, take apart my engine in a hotel room, or had machine guns pointed at me while I went down the road. Hopefully they won't have to  experience that again on this trip.
Mike and Tank, if you can see this, all of your friends in Knoxville are thinking about you. God bless and look over you both!  I'll buy you a beer when you get back!  

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  1. This is incredibly inspiring. Thanks for the writeup!