Sunday, February 27, 2011

T.W.O. Closing 1982 -2011

After 29 years, Two Wheels Only Campground (aka T.W.O. to thousands of motorcyclist) is closing. According to their website they have lost the lease to the property on which the business resides in Suches Georgia, and the owners do not want to sell it. I was introduced to T.W.O. soon after it opened, and while I never camped there or spent the night in their lodging, I supported them enthusiastically with the purchase of their great food. (Often to the point that the ride home was quite a bit slower than the  ride down!)
TWO is surrounded by some of the best roads in the south, and you can get there and back in a day from not only Knoxville, but also from Atlanta. I was never there when I didn't see some kind of exotic sportbike in the parking lot, and since you had to make an effort to get there, the crowd was always composed of real riders. No posers in the lot. It was just a cool place to take a break hang out.
Let's hope that they can find a new location close by, and re-open soon, though I have no idea if that is in their plan. If they do re-open, I'll let you know.

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