Wednesday, June 1, 2011

BMW Riders of Knoxville (BMWROK)

One of the oldest Motorcycle Clubs in Knoxville is the BMW Riders of Knoxville (BMWROK). When I first started riding about 25 years ago one of the first guys I met was a BMW Rider, and I ended up riding with a lot of BMW guys even though I wasn't on a Beemer at the time. At that time they were the only riders I knew who would ride 200 /300 miles each weekend. At their monthly meeting that I attended in May,  I actually saw some of the same people I rode with way back when.

This club is all about riding, and during their meeting they went over a long list of planned club rides, plus individuals were inviting other members to join them on other rides. The meeting was friendly, informal, and comfortable. There was just enough sense of order to keep things flowing, and enough humor to keep it interesting.  Everybody ate, socialized, then they had about a 1 hour meeting, after which most people moved to the parking lot to check out a new 6 cylinder K1600 GTL that someone rode in.

The big event for the club is their12th Annual BMW ROK "ROK ON" Rally  (Sept 8-12th) This rally regularly draws BMW Riders from around the country, and this year it will once again be held at the Two Creeks Campground in Del Rio. (see previous post for pictures of the campground)

The club meets the First Monday of every month, and their regular meeting place is Puleo's Restaurant at the I-40 / Strawberry Plains exit. The club does vary the meeting location at times, so you should check their website just to be sure.

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