Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Santa rides through Knoxville!

Tuesday night Santa was caught on film by the Cycleblend photographers! Evidently Santa visited the Time Warp Tea Room for bike night  to give out some gifts, and remind people to be good and change their oil this year.
Of course, if you want a picture of Santa you just need to hang out around the cookies, which our photographer did, and sure enough, SNAP! Busted!

He was also spotted across the street at the Chop Shop, apparently fighting off Cindy Lou who had was trying to talk him into a beard trimming!

The paparazzi got one last shot as Mr. Claus took off. We'll post more pictures if we get them.
Go to www.timewarptearroom.com for more pics from Tuesday night.

1 comment:

  1. Hello everyone. It's chad. The young guy with the ugly yamaha. I really miss being in knoxville and riding up to the tea room to see my new friends. I'm going to be coming home the day after christmas though and hope to see everyone at the time warp tea room and I may be riding a new machine. Mine met a terrible end in cleveland ohio thanks to a drunk driver.

    See you all soon!
    Chad Lundy