Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Vol Riders Getting Ready for Fathers Day Weekend Ride

This past weekend some of the Volunteer Riders went out to scout the route for the upcoming ride on the Saturday before Fathers Day. (16th). Shown here are Brian, Bart, Isaac, and Steve. The five of us endured a horribly Sunny day of temperatures in the mid to upper 70's riding 50 plus miles of great trails. Hey, if your club is going to host an event, you've got to do the work! Actually, there is a reason to pre-ride the trails, because things change. One trail had been "compromised" by a logging operation, and one trail had been blocked by a huge tree that had fallen within the past few days.
By the end of the day we had figured out a great route, some bypasses that can be used if needed, and some great views. The ride on the 16th should be a good one. Hope you can make it!

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