Saturday, July 7, 2012

Product Test -CrossBar Mapcase from Cyco Active

This very simple map holder from Cyco Active is perfect for those times when you are making several turns in a short time period and don't want take the time to stop and dig out your map. It's easy to mount, water proof, and cheap ($15). It comes with small squeeze buckles that attach to your handlebars with Zip ties that are included. This set up worked fine on my dirt bike, and I'm sure it would work on any Dual Sport / Adventure bike with a regular handlebar.  I also sprung for the optional Velcro straps mounts ($6) that have the squeeze buckles sewn in so that I can move it from bike to bike easier. 

The clear plastic seems to be good quality and is easy to read through. It is actually clear on both sides, so you can unsnap it and flip it over to read more of your map. The size of the clear part is just right, ( 5 1/2" X 8 1/2") Big enough to show a decent size section of the map, but not so big to be in the way.

I gave this the official field test at the Volunteer Riders Royal Blue ride, and after a hard day of some serious off road riding which included lots of rocks, mud, and also some higher speed gravel roads, the case never moved.  You can find it at under maps and map cases.

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  1. This would have been perfect for me a couple of summers ago. This looks waaaay nicer than taping directions to your tank which is about as inelegant as a band tee shirt at a black tie formal. After three thousand miles I had tape remnants everywhere.

    Behind bars