Sunday, June 2, 2013

Pictures from the Tennessee National

As expected, the AMA Tennessee National held this past weekend was off the charts! In fact, it may have been off the charts even more than the promoters anticipated. I was told over 40,000 general admission tickets were sold online, and one guy who was parking cars told me, based on what he had seen at NASCAR races he estimated 70,000.  I don't know the numbers, but it was a lot. We got there Friday night and the parking was well over 50% full. From where we were camped on a hill you could see the road coming in over 1 mile away, and it was bumper to bumper from 6:30 till 1:00. Keep in mind the Saturday Pro Race was book-ended by Amateur races on Friday and Saturday, so a healthy crowd was already there.
 The track layout was great, and since it lies in a valley there were amble places to watch from that offered views of lots of the track.
Like most great events,there is no comparison between watching on TV and being there in person. Seeing the speed these guys carry,
and the elevation they get on the jumps, is unbelievable when your standing 30' away.

 Josh Grant roosting!
TV camera stations were everywhere you looked.
Event hat, cool event tiger striped T-Shirt, a new toy Honda, and a place to play right next to the fence so you can see your favorite rider come by. Think the little guy will remember this day?
 Gosh I hope this comes back next year!

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