Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Custom Seats for Dual Sport and Touring Bikes

My old 400 KTM is a pretty versatile bike, great on the trails, and after adding some dual sport tires and some lighting, a street legal  dual sport bike that gets 55mpg and has a 150+ mile range. The one thing about it that did NOT work was the stock KTM seat. Not so good. Actually, it sort of sucks.
Oh, but a solution was just up the road at Dual Sport Touring in Friendsville, Tn. They can take your existing seat and build it just the way you want it. What I did was pick up an old seat on e-bay for $15 bucks, and let them use the stock seat pan to rebuild from scratch something that was wider and flatter. Basically something that you could sit on all day while riding back roads. 
 Francois and Megan delivered my new seat to me just before we started what was to be a 161 mile day of riding forest service roads, along with some asphalt sections. The difference between my new seat and the stock butt punisher was immeasurable. The only way I could have ridden 161 miles on the stock seat would be if I stood up for 100 miles. The key is the increased width. As you can see in the pictures, the "Sitting area" was increased from 4 1/2" to 9 1/2".
 The fit and craftsmanship are excellent. I've had higher priced seats  before, and they weren't any better than this. They can also do custom colors and different textures, I chose solid black with the carbon fiber look on top, but KTM orange was available. I really like the way it looks, but the side panels in orange would look pretty sweet too. Total cost was $175, and I had it back within a week!  The good folks at Dual Sport Touring picked it up in Knoxville on Tuesday, and brought it to me on Sunday. No shipping cost. Heck, I bet Francois would have put it on for me if I had asked!
If you're interested in getting a seat made just the way you want it, give Dual Sport Touring a call  865-995-9505

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