Monday, August 12, 2013

Tenn KnockOut Extreme Enduro this Sunday

This weekend is the "Tennessee Knock Out" Extreme Enduro at the Trials Training Center in Sequatchie Tennessee, just west of Chattanooga. The "knock out" format has two amateur races on Saturday, with the fastest 60 from the first race qualifiying for the second races, and the fastest 30 from the second amateur race qualify for the Expert Race on Sunday.
The pre-qualified expert field (along with the amatuers who made it from saturday) run a 13 mile race Sunday morning, and only the top 15 make it to the final.
The Final Race is 10 laps on the "Short Course" which is directly behind the main pit area. It uses much of the same terrain used for the World Trials championship, and has some  very good locations to spectate from.
The cost to watch is only $20 for the weekend, and camping is only $15. If you are a fan of Extreme Off Road racing his is one of the absolute best events you can go see. The location is beautiful, and you can stand right next to the action.
The per-qualified Expert field includes all the big names in Extreme Enduro such as Taddy Blazusiak, Mike Brown, Cody Webb, and Kurt Caselli
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