Saturday, May 30, 2015

Indian Motorcycle Test Rides this weekend @ Knoxville Indian

This Friday, Saturday and Sunday (19/30/31) there is one of the rarest of all occurances, free test rides on brand new Motorcycles! Knoxville Indian / Victory /Triumph (I think that is the official name) which is now located in the former Knoxville Honda / Yamaha building, has demo rides going all three days. The fleet includes every Indian model. Can't beat that!

I snuck out at lunch Friday and rode the new Scout. There is a very good chance I could end up with one of these someday. The 100 hp V-Twin is more Ducati like than Harley, and finally someone built a sport cruiser that doesn't weigh 600 lbs. Handling of the large front tire was something I wondered about, but it turns out to be very stable and balanced. It's just a nice riding bike.
Anyway, get by and check them out. Its a great opportunity. 

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