Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Gift Idea #1 - Vincent in the Barn

OK folks, it's less than three weeks till Christmas and you're still digging for a gift for that rider that has everything. If that rider you feel is worth a gift can read, and happens to be one of those of people who is always looking for a lost treasure, or if they just like to read about people who find it, I'll bet you they will like this book.
The Vincent in the Barn is a collection of short stories about men who have stumbled across, tracked down, or were just simply told of classic motorcycles that had been stored away and forgotten for years. Stories of how guys have found classic old bikes that were lost in barns, basements, and woodsheds around the country. Plus it has lots of cool pictures.
You'll never drive past an old barn again without wondering whats inside. 
You can even order it from the Amazon link on this website.

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