Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Gift Idea #2 - Motorcycle Consumer News

10 Days till Christmas!  Have you got anything yet? O.K. Here is another idea. A subscription to Motorcycle Consumer News.  Now I know what you're thinking, "He's / She's got all kinds of motorcycle magazines."  Ahhh,,,, not so fast Grasshopper. This one is different.
#1, you can't get it on the newstands. #2, It has no advertising. It is entirely 100% reader supported. What that means is you get 100% un-biased reporting on bikes and products,since they don't have to worry about ticking off Harleykawasukionda and losing their advertising $. Also, twice a year it gives you a used bike price guide, and a performance guide. They cover cruisers, sportbikes, and everything street oriented. Good Stuff.
Another great point is that it cost more than any other magazine....uhhh wait.. that's not a plus is it. But it is better than just about every other mag out there. I guess there is a price for honesty. Hey, somebody has to make up for the lack of shiny advertising. You can get 1 year for $34. Go to

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